DO YOU NEED HELP to produce and publish your game?

If you are a developer or a small team, you have a videogame in mind you would like to develop, it is likely I can help you to. Especially if you never published a PC or console game, and you don’t know exactly what to do.

It doesn’t matter if your game is not finished yet, if it’s in its beta stage, or anything else for the matter. Every game is different, written by different people in different places in different times. So everything must be seen as a unique thing, with its peculiarities. Your project can be interesting even if just born as a prototype.

I am a producer but am also a developer, so I can understand (or, at least, I will try!) if your project is a diamond in the rough. And I am also aware of how hard to develop a videogame can be.

I believe in honesty and transparency 100%. Money is definitely a minor thing compared to a good relationship. To build a strong relationship needs a lot of commitment, but, when successful, it is the best we can earn.

My focus is mainly on “premium” games. I mean games people want to buy and play with. Quite frankly I don’t appreciate the so-called “free2play” revenue model.

Like you, I love to develop videogames. Even if it’s challenging, this is the best job in the world. And videogames are, in my opinion, the medium through which everyone can express himself in the best way, developing or playing.

So, if my words above sound reasonable to you, and you think I could be your producer, helping you make your game become true and sell it, here I am.


Ivan Venturi
+39 051 0930785
+39 393 9852612
skype: ivan.venturi