Hey Bounty Hunters!

We gladly introduce you to our new project: A Western Drama!

This audiogame will bring you to the American wild west of 1800.

Brutal and savage lands await you. Territories populated only by the worst scum on Earth were the only law is the law of the gun.

Developed by TriBit Studio, A Western Drama is a completely accessible audiogame who use the binaural audio to deliver an incredibly immersive gameplay experience.

A free demo of the game and an audio teaser are available right now.

In the demo, set 15 years earlier than the rest of the audiogame, you will play 13-year-old Wade as he is instructed by veteran bounty hunter Drake to capture his first criminal.

Along with the demo, you can listen to the audio teaser that will give you a taste of the dusty atmosphere of A Western Drama.

See you in hell, bounty hunters!