RIOT: Civil Unrest now boasts a powerful, Steam Workshop Editor that allows users to create and share their scenarios too.

On the Steam Workshop page of RIOT, there are numerous scenarios to experience. Here some of them:

  • Hamburg, Germany – G20 Rote Flora
  • Mashhad, Iran – Shohahad Square protests
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – Financial reform protests
  • Rhineland, Germany – Ende Gelände movement, mining protests
  • Paris, France – Yellow Vests protest
  • Fantasy – Orks vs Knights

There are also five new levels that were all produced by students of Accademia delle Belle Arti di Bologna (Art Academy of Bologna).
So, thanks to:

  • ELENA MAZZUCCATO (Tlatelolco massacre, Mexico)
  • MI-CHIAMO-Z (Battle of Statale Milan, Italy)
  • TOMMASO BONETTI (Sorbonne riots, France)
  • ANDREA MALVEZZI (Columbia University riots, USA)
  • MARCO SESSA (Valle Giulia in Rome, Italy)

The Steam Workshop Editor is feature-rich and includes:

  • Name your riot, create a description of the event and add many other details ( where, when, links, etc. )
  • Add your images to backgrounds
  • Place and edit sprites from a library with more than 700 objects
  • Add lights, vehicles, particles effects and filters
  • Customize the characters skins, clothes and gears
  • Set the Gameplay rules defining the rebels and police teams and the objective.
  • Share it on Steam Workshop!