Hi everybody!
Our wonderful and super-awesome VR Ping Pong is finally published on PlayStation Store!

image001With a PlayStation VR headset, and PlayStation Move controller equipped, you will be now be able to experience this great traditional sport from the comfort of your home, without the need of an actual bulky ping pong table! VR Ping Pong has a single player experience that offers multiple game modes including practise modes that will allow you to brush up on the basics before going for the tournament!

What makes VR Ping Pong unique?

VR Ping Pong is the only PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR ping pong game available on the PlayStation Store.

VR Ping Pong has a precision physics engine offering realistic feedback on each serve and rebound shot by using precise values for forces and materials. This makes VR Ping Pong feel like a natural ping pong experience.



VR Ping Pong offers multiple game modes:

Wall Mode – Play against yourself as your serves rebound quickly offering an excellent test of reflexes;

Hit The Target Mode – As the name suggests, there is now a moving target at the opposite side of the table, that you will need to hit;

Broken Table Mode – The ping pong table disintegrates with every bounce on the ping pong table surface, this is a great test of precision;

Serve Mode – You will need to hit the target in the opposite player’s area after serving;

TT Machine – A small machine will serve the ball to you, you must return the ball to the target area in the opponent’s area.

You will also be able to brush up on your ping pong skills at your own pace with the practise mode. Here you can practise the perfect backhand or hit that top-spin you’ve always wanted to get just right!

When you’re ready for a challenge, you can head into the Tournament where you will take on the AI. He’s quick, so don’t take your eye off the ball, even for a second! The tournament’s location changes between multiple arena environments, all stylized in the same voxel style that makes VR Ping Pong the most cubic VR experience you will have!

What do I need to play VR Ping Pong?

To play VR Ping Pong on PlayStation 4, you will need three things: A PlayStation VR headset to view the game, a PlayStation Camera so the PlayStation can track your motion and a PlayStation Move controller to control the ping pong paddles.

Created and Developed by Reddoll; produced by IV Productions; published by Merge Games.

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