Pride Run celebrates all things Pride and LGBTQ+. The game has you leading Parades in key cities all around the world, encapsulating the fun, colour, excitement and inclusive nature of all Pride Parades. Be loud, be proud and spread the message of love!  

Featuring 2 amazing game modes

The "Vanilla" game mode is instantly recognisable as a fun and colourful, Rhythm Action game, that will have you hitting every beat of the amazing Disco soundtrack by Hard Ton with excitement and enthusiasm. Hitting the beats will have the spectators joining the parade, missing the beats will cause them to leave. Keep the parade going until the end before taking on those that question LGBTQ+ rights in an epic dance battles and conquer hate with love!

The “Play Hard” game mode adds a unique RTS twist to the game, delivering all the entertaining over the top gameplay from the "Vanilla" mode but with a unique tactical element. Customise your parade, pick your leaders from the various groups and use their abilities to amplify your message of love and inclusivity or shield the parade from those who are want to rain on your parade. Move the groups around in real time to ensure your abilities and leaders are where you need them.

Both game modes can be played as single player or local co-op, as well as featuring 3 difficulty modes. You will find unique events and characters that reflects every city of the parade.

Pride Run features: 

- Rhythm action based gameplay, encourage the audience to join in with the parade as you hit every beat.

- Take on one of two game modes - Vanilla and Play Hard - whilst dancing to the beat of the amazing Hard Ton.
- In Play Hard mode, choose which groups to add to the parades to take on those who question LGBTQ+ rights.
- In Vanilla mode you’ll follow the beat along the streets of each city.
- Spread the love and pride across 16 cities in the world. After all, the world needs more love!

Published by Green Man Gaming Publishing