An event not to be missed, curated and hosted by Ivan Venturi.

An overview of video games made in Italy, projected on the big screen and told by the authors themselves, to explore the infinite narrative and audiovisual potential of the third-party medium Millennium. Speakers: for Stormind Games, with “Batora“, Fabrizia Giuffrida and Manuel Moavero; for IPID/ABABO/ConsBO/ Demetra, with “Nocturama“, Giovanni Zabardi, Andrea D’Angelo, Simonluca Laitemperg, Jessica Fabi (Demetra), Otto Gabos, (Academy of Fine Arts Bo); for Storm in a Tea Cup, with “Close to the sun“, Roberto Semperbene; for Trinity Team, with “Darkest Tales“, Gerardo Verna; for Italian Games Factory, with “Haunted Space“, Luca Michelotti and Fabio Brigidi; for Bitnine, with “Terrorbane“, Luca Spazzoli; for Kidonion Studio, with “River Tails: Stronger Together“, Gabriele Gangemi; for Red Koi Box, with “Faraday Protocol“, Giacomo Sala; Raoul William Bragheri, with “Fech the Ferret“.

To give you the measure of the emotion and importance of this appointment, we rely on the words of Ivan Venturi: “We are pleased to participate in this renewed edition of the Future Film Festival with an event within the event. Within the Future Videogame we will show nine Italian video game excellences, video games with narrative and audiovisual depth, some already successfully published on the international market and others that will be published shortly. We will tell the story of video games, their history and the story of those who made them.”