The videogame sector has been growing continuously for more than fifteen years and, on a global level, has far exceeded the revenues of cinema and music combined. The production of video games represents the entertainment sector with the best growth performance in 2020.

In Emilia-Romagna there is an interesting video game supply chain composed mainly of small-sized companies, some also active on the international market and producers of games with excellent sales performance. During 2020, regional companies as a whole experienced an increase in turnover: production grew, activities are carried out at a very fast pace and spaces have opened up for new business opportunities and new collaborations. Video games play an important role in contemporary culture, they are an area of ​​experimentation, creation of new languages ​​and social interaction and are an ideal tool for conjunction and interconnection with other forms of art, entertainment and entertainment.

The following companies are participating in the implementation phase of the course: IV Productions, Trinity Team, Mushroom Sound, Just Funny Games, Italian Party of Indie developers, DOC Servizi, Hypernova, CulTurMedia.

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