With Ivan Venturi as co-author, Gran Sasso Videogame is explained as an advanced educational instrument in this article.

Gran Sasso is a videogame set in Italy’s Gran Sasso National Laboratories, the largest underground laboratories in the world. The protagonist is Zot, an alien who is catapulted by mistake into the laboratories, and who can only return home after helping the scientists working there to restore four experiments. The game, featuring pixel art design, is accompanied by educational materials and in-depth reports that tell the story of physics frontiers: neutrino physics, dark matter and nuclear astrophysics. A preliminary version of the game has been tested by students and presented to teachers to obtain feedback for improvement. Presently, a new version is being completed with a view to conducting more extensive experimentation.

Here you can download the Italian version.

Published 15 January 2020, Italian Journal of Educational Technology.

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