Dear brothers and sisters!

The inquisitor is back. Nicolas Eymerich has returned for the final battle!

The Demon – Nicolas Eymerich Inquisitor Audiogame is now available on Audiogame.Store. A demo is also on Steam.

The plague… the cursed village… the Devil’s dark plan is revealed in the final chapter of the Inquisitor saga.

Engaging game mechanics in 8 different scenarios: haunted woods, caves swarming with monstrous creatures, crypts full of secrets and a final battle with the Devil.

An innovative audio-navigation system for exploring the remotest corners of the maps.

From the village of Calcares to the dungeons of the abbey. Over seventy different rooms.

Combat mechanics that allow you to control both Eymerich and Jacinto Corona.

You’ll use the strength, spirit and power of the Faith.

Dialogues that give you important clues or evidence of the heretic lie.

Puzzles to solve with the ingenuity of divine intuition.

An accessible audio game for the visually impaired, enhanced with hand-drawn graphics and also playable in video mode.

An Infinite game mode for embarking on new adventures even after you have completed the game. The length of the game is more than twelve hours.